生物学 is the study of life in all its variety and richness. It includes many aspects of your everyday experiences: your relationships with the environment, the foods you consume, the way your body works. In fact, functioning in the present world without biological knowledge is a distinct handicap, since biological advances are at the forefront of social change.

When you study biology at Langara, you will examine all aspects of living things: from the molecules that make up your cells to entire ecosystems. You will get an excellent grounding in a broad range of biology topics. You will also be able to choose courses in numerous specialties, such as ecology, microbiology, genetics, as you focus more 关ly on your personal interests and career goals.

Information about the living world and opportunities for 生物学 graduates have grown rapidly over the last few decades. Your career options will depend on your specific interests and educational focus, but could include research, education, journalism, law, public health, conservation, forensics and much more.  Some biology sectors such as biotechnology and environmental sciences are among the faster growing areas of the Canadian economy.

The Langara Biology Department has a firm commitment to providing the practical aspects of a science education. All our university-transfer Biology courses include 2 or 3 hours of lab or field work per week. We have five well-equipped lab rooms, including a dedicated Microbiology laboratory.  Our excellent team of lab demonstrators has a broad range of biology expertise and is available to assist students in the labs and during office hours. Also, a study space for second year students is available in the 生物学 lab area for biology students to work independently on assignments and projects throughout the term.

For questions regarding courses and overrides please email the Student Advisor at biology@langara.ca.