Langara offers a wide range of first- and second-year courses in the fields of science and mathematics. Students benefit from lower tuition rates and smaller class sizes as compared to larger universities. Whether students are planning to transfer to earn their BSc, or simply wish an Associate of Science degree or other diploma, many of the requisite courses are available at Langara.

The Chemistry department offers courses from introductory and preparatory, to first year and second year University transfer courses. Second year studies include analytical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. Students benefit from our well equipped laboratories and dedicated teachers.

Objectives & Outcomes
The Chemistry program at Langara College offers an Associate of Science Degree (Area of Concentration: Chemistry) The A.Sc. can be used as an exit degree or as the first credential in a longer academic program.

Choosing Chemistry Courses
For a visual explaining the sequence of chemistry courses and some prerequisites, click here. If you have further questions, please write us at chemistry.langara.ca  

Special Note for this Fall !! 

The Langara chemistry department will be offering two different formats of course delivery for the Fall 2020 semester.

 The introductory and intermediate courses, 1114 and 1118 (and also 1117) will be entirely on-line, including on-line laboratory tutorials.  While the course material may be accessed as recordings, posted notes, and automated review exercises, the graded learning assessments can require participation during some of the regularly scheduled hours shown in the registration guide.

 We will offer sections of general chemistry I and general chemistry II, that also are in this on-line 4-credit format. These courses will be designated as 1121 and 1221. They are designed to transfer as the regular lecture credits needed for 1st year general chemistry, with additional on-line laboratory tutorials. It will be at the discretion of the receiving programs whether these students would also take a further credit in their on-campus laboratories, in addition to having completed the Langara laboratory tutorial credit.

 We will also offer courses in a format that is not entirely on-line, these will have regular in-person, on-campus laboratory sessions, although their lectures will still be on-line as described above. Chemistry courses 1120 and 1220, also 2208, 2216, 2222, 2316 and 2416, will retain this regular laboratory format, and their regular transfer credits.

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 Questions regarding the engineering chemistry course, 1154, may be directed to the engineering transfer coordinator, all others to chemistry advising.